Harvester Heads

H415 Harvester Heads

New feed-roller-arm geometry ensures rollers grip solidly and reliably carry trunks in all diameter ranges.

The H415 offers a solution for all different kinds of regeneration felling with its three options for variable stem types: standard (narrow stem), buttress (wide stem), and top saw (processing and hardwood).

Improvements to the standard H415 harvester head

The standard improvements include a new, 30 mm lower saw box, a stronger, more durable frame and saw chain tensioning improvements. The improved shape of the fixed lower knife lets buttress stems press closer to the harvester head frame at felling and beginning of feeding. This improves length measuring since the measuring wheel reaches the stem better. In addition, lower stumps lead to increased first log volume. The connectors of the pressure lines for the lower feed motors are located outside the valve cover, which makes them easier to replace.

The improved saw chain tensioning reduces saw chain jump-off situations. Thanks to the redesigned saw box there is more room between the saw bar and the stem, so it is possible to use wider saw bars and lower the stumps. Feeding of crooked stems and big trees is improved.

Additional features creating the H415HD:

The new HD options can be selected individually but choosing all three will create a H415HD harvester head:

HD tilt frame
HD lower feed motor and feed motor hose guards expander pins for feed motor arms, tilt cylinder upper end and and lower delimbing knife axles.
The new HD options improve durability and increase uptime. Handling of large and crooked stems is smoother.

HD tilt frame is more durable. Top saw is available with the HD tilt frame. Improved hose durability with optional extra protection for motors and hose fittings. Easier change due to connectors being located outside the valve cover. Improved durability of frame and main axles especially with heavy timber. Expanders in upper tilt cylinder pins, lower delimbing knives and feed motor arm pins. Improved saw chain tensioning: filter in the saw chain tensioning hydraulic line. Possibility to use wider saw bars.

More room between saw bar and tree line improve feeding of crooked stems and handling of big trees. Better shape of fixed rear knife gives better hold when cutting a big stem and in the start of feeding. This improves length measuring. Lower stumps give more volume. H415HD with its excellent performance will make 1270G and 1470G even more superior machines in the demanding markets. H415HD is suitable for 1270G with CH710 and CH786 booms and 1470G with CH910 and CH986.

H415 Harvester Heads
H415 Harvester Heads
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